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Musashi Spain Villalba S.L.
Camino del Molino n° 5,
Polígono Industrial,
Pabellón 29,
28400 Collado Villalba (Madrid)


Musashi Hungary Füzesabony Kft.
3390 Füzesabony
Duropack ú.4


Musashi Auto Parts Tianjin Co. LTD

No.21 South Caiyuan Road

Wuqing development area Tianjin

Tianjin 301700


Musashi North America, Inc.

2711 Centerville Road, Suite 400,

Wilmington, Delaware 19808



Today the MUSASHI EUROPE employs 2,800 people and processes 300,000 tons of steel. Over the years 2009 - 2016 the MUSASHI EUROPE had a very successful sales performance.


For our customers technical facilities are available for hot and cold forming and subsequent processing.

9 vertical forging presses from 1,600 - 5.000 tons pressing force in the weight range of up to 45 kg and a maximum outer diameter of 330 mm.

16 radial- ; radial-/axial-ring rolling mills and/or matrix rolling mills for rings with an outer diameter of 800 mm.

19 horizontal high speed forging presses (Hatebur)  from AMP30 to HM75, with an operating weight of up to 7.5 kg and a maximum outer diameter of 185 mm.

10 vertical systems from Schuler, Liebergeld, Loire or Komatsu in the sector cold forming with press forces from 350 to 1,600 tons (mainly for the production of pin components and shafts in the passenger car segment or tripods).

1 cross wedge rolling device for heavy gear shafts for commercial vehicle applications up to an outer diameter of 160 mm.

After forming, following heat treatments are available:

- Quench and temper annealing

- Isothermal annealing (BG) - annealing, normalizing, soft annealing, stress relief, tempering

- Controlled cooling (BY) on conveyor belt or furnace

Up-to-date machine parks are available at our sites in Bad Sobernheim, Hann. Münden, Leinefelde, Füzesabony and Tianjin for further processing/machining of formed components. With over 300 processing machines for soft and hard machining we provide our customers with machined gears to ready-to-install components according to their specifications.

In our central tool-making facility in Grolsheim (HAY-Tec) over 120 employees manufacture in house our complex, technology advanced tools for the entire range of hot- and cold forging and machining.

The Musashi Europe is capable to offer all required technologies, from the soft machining, gearing technology, various hardening processes (e.g. induction hardening, case hardening) to the final hard machining, from a single source.